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Denali (Group App) by CorgiFox03 Denali (Group App) by CorgiFox03
I'm so happy I found this group!
Application form by DraconicCaribou 

This is my Group Application for :iconfallout-pyrrhia:

Name: Denali (Goes by Ali)
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Tribe: Skywing (a little bit Icewing)
Faction: N/A
Occupation: Scavenger/Traveler
Residence: Anywhere that has a roof


Denali is a quiet type, but once you get to know her, she is outgoing and has a large vocabulary. She is good at talking herself out of most things and wins most arguments but even her smooth talking can't get her out of every situation, that's why she carries around a machine gun on her tail and to guns on her holster. She is always thinking about how things could have been before the fallout. She only has a couple of friends, but those friends she'll protect with her life. She is very passionate about her views and has a short temper. She believes that everything is gonna be ok in the near future, but part of her says it won't. 


When Denali was just 5, a group of mercenaries killed her guardian, a Sandwing named Steelclaws, who protected her with his life. After his death, Denali was left alone with the horrors of the world to face. As she realized, the world was very unforgiving to a dragonet and decided it was time for her to learn how to protect herself. She is smaller than most dragons her age, so she is a victim of many attacks from larger dragons. She went to a Gunner out post at the age of 6, after scavenging for a year, found some protection in the form of 3 guns. She also planned for defense and got poison lining on her scales. (the green, glowy stuff on her ref pic) There she meets her first friend, Zero, a Nightwing Rainwing hybrid. He finds her being ganged up on by a whole bunch of adult dragons and decides to help her out. By scaring away the dragons, these 2 dragonets talk and Zero shows her around the Gunner outpost. Denali, finds out that he is not even a gunner, but a scavenger like herself. With this, these 2 become friends till the end and travel throughout Phyrria.
S - 6
P - 10
E - 9
C - 7
I - 9
A - 8
L - 3


Denali has the basic Skywing abilities of breathing fire. She is good with talking and arguing. She know how to work a gun but most of the time violence is her last resort. Her poisonous scales help her to not get eaten by larger dragons. She is small and can run very fast and far if needed. 


Get along with most tribes and dragons as long as they don't attack


Skywings - Almost as salty as Icewings, but is an Skywing, allies
Seawings - The fishes of land, sometimes allies
Mudwings - Dumb and brutal, almost always not allies
Icewings - Too salty, almost always not allies
Rainwings - Taste the Rainbow, great allies
Sandwings - Snakes, Almost always allies
Nightwings - Silent and deadly, good allies to have if you don't tick them off
Hybrids - Always Allies, ALWAYS


Claws of Steel - To mean, sometimes allies
Institute - Smart A**es, almost always allies
Outclaws - Nice people, always allies


Zero - a Rain/Nightwing, ALLIES FOR LIFE
Metalclaws - Sandwing, dead but was a great ally when he was alive


Read up on the lore so far -…

Fallout-Phyrrhia is run by - Kittify RealTense MrZod 
DragonsJade239 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Kittify Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
More Fallout OCs, yay!!!! She really must come by Bridgeport sometime.
CorgiFox03 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
YAY! She will!
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